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Sustainable energy sources, like wind, water and sun, gain more and more interest in Europe as a tool fighting the climate change. In Slovenia they intend to or already placed wind turbine and water turbines. Although these are good methods to reduce CO2, much (nature) area is destroyed for this.

In the Sava and Drava are a few water power plants. All of them formed relative large waterbodies. During the winter and migration many waterbirds use this to rest. However, before realising this many typical riverbed habitats were destroyed. In the future they intend to do the same more upstream of the Sava. At Mura they also intend to make water power plants.

On Volovje reber, north of Ilirska Bistrica, the government wants to place 42 wind turbines. This area known for the wind "borea". Volovja reber is in the Karst area and is mainly covered with meadows. Volovja reber is also an important area for large migrators, like vultures, storks and eagles. The wind turbines can become a large problem for these birds. Beside this Ilirska Bistrica is depended on the drinking water which comes from Volovja reber. When there would be an accident with one of the wind turbines, this drinking water will be polluted.