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About the person

My name is Maarten de Groot. My interest in nature actually started when we went to the raptor show on Landskron in Villach (Austria), a village nearby the border of Slovenia. From that time on, I was always watching birds. Searching for equal minded people I joined the JNM (Youth organisation of Field biology and Environment) and went for years on camps watching birds, searching insects like dragonflies and butterflies.

My interest in Slovenia was raised after a camp with the JNM in 1997 to Velike Bloke. Here I discovered a complete new country, Slovenia. Although the birds were a little bit disappointing the nature was (and still is) beautiful. On this camp I also met my girlfriend Eva Vukelic. Offcourse I came back to this country and discovered so many other things.

In October 2006, I started my PhD at the National Institute of Biology in Ljubljana. The main topic is vibrational communication as a mechanism for directionality, speciation and male mate choice in Nezara viridula (Hemiptera)
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