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Habitat directive

Many natural habitats are slowly degrading and a increasing number of species are threatened. Therefore the European Union started in 1992 with the habitat directive to control this problem. The European Union first aim of this directive is to promote the maintenance of biodiversity (EU 1992). Therefore there should be special areas designated for conservation to create coherent European ecological network. The habitat directive exists out of five annexes. Annex I shows a list of threatened habitat types, Annex II shows the threatened animal and plant species, Annex III contains the criteria for selecting the sites, Annex IV contains the animals and plants which need strict protection and Annex V contains a list of plant and animal species whose taking in wild and exploitation may be subject to management measures. All these annexes together are the core of the habitat directive and a helpfull tool for nature conservation.
For the pSCI the following species were taken into consideration. (See: Slovenian species list according to Annex II) An overview of the species is shown in the interactive national atlas. You first need to apply for a password.

Below you find the documents about the analysis of the species and habitat types included in the habitat directive and the designation of the pSCIs. (All in Slovene but mostly with an english summary)


Plants - Pteridophyta and Spermatophyta
Dragonflies - Odonata
Beetles - Coleoptera
Butterflies - Lepidoptera
Fishes - Pisces
Amphibians - Amphibia
Bats - Chiroptera
Pond terrapin - Emys orbicularis
Otter - Lutra lutra
Beaver - Castor fiber
Lynx - Lynx lynx
Wolf - Canis lupus
Brown bear - Ursus arctos

Habitat types

Non forest habitat types

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Notebook 7
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Notebook 9

Forest habitat types

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Annex 2
Annex 3
Annex 4
Annex 5
Annex 6
Annex 7
Annex 8
Annex 9
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Annex 12