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Journals of Natural History in Slovenia

I tried to make a compilation of Slovenian journals of Natural History. In almost all you can publish in English. But the journals have mainly articles in Slovene (most have slovene summary, except for Svet Ptice and Proteus.).

This scientific journal publishes mainly articles with a historical and social (e.g. multi-cultural and multi-ethnic relations) and a natural science perspective (e.g. conservation, ecology and biology) in the regions of the three neighbouring countries around the Northern Adriatic coast. Old issues with pdf's can be found here.
A scientific journal for birds published by DOPPS, Birdlife Slovenia. Covers all fields of ornithology. It especially encourages publications and notes from South Eastern Europe. The journal information on the website is in slovene. Pdf versions of the issues can be found over here
Acta Biologica Slovenica
A scientific journal for all aspects of the science of biology in Slovenia. The journal is published by the Biological Society of Slovenia.
Acta Entomologica Slovenica
This journal is published by the Museum of Natural History in Ljubljana. it publishes papers of all aspects of entomology in Slovenia and South Eastern Europe, like taxonomy, species distribution, ecology, conservation.
Biota is an international journal which is publishing papers from all fields of biology and ecology in their widest sense.
Illiesia is an international online journal about Plecoptera. It publishes papers in all aspects of the biology of plecoptera. This online journal is published by the Mississippi College and the Slovenian Museum of Natural History.
Natura Sloveniae
This journal covers articles which will give a better understanding of natural history of Slovenia.
Proteus is a journal of popular natural science. It contains many articles about several aspects of natural sciences. This journal is only in Slovene.
This journal is published by the Museum of Natural History in Ljubljana. It mainly contains out of monographs of different topics, varying from checklists to impacts to birds, to cultural events, etc.
Svet Ptic
This is a popular magazine about birds. Reporting nice articles about activities of DOPPS (e.g. camps, excursions, etc.), species, conservation and education. This is only in slovene language
Varstvo narave
This journal is called "Nature conservation" and is a periodical for research and practice of nature conservation. This journal is published by the ministery of environment and spatial planning and only in slovene language.