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Regional parks

A regional park is a park with areas were there is still nature in its original state and areas were there is a sustainable human activity. For example in Notranjsko regional park where Cerknica polje has a lot of (extensive) agriculture, but in the surroundings there are a lot of forests. The human activities which are used there created the landscape and was beneficial to the characteristical flora and fauna.
There are already three regional parks (see below). Other areas in Slovenia are proposed as a future regional park.

Kozjansko regional park

The Kozjansko regional park is in the south east of Slovenia. It mainly exists out of dry grasslands. further, it has also a few sinkhols (a rare karst phenomona in this region)
Access: The park lays north east of Zagreb and south east of Celje. Your going from Novo mesto on the main road to Brežice. In Brežice you take the direction Bizeljsko. In Bistrica ob Sotli you take the direction of Podsreda. Other roads can be found on the website of the park (see down).
Nice places:Oslica and Ravni log. The whole park is nice.
Flora and fauna:This area is mainly known for their dry grasslands which contain several orchid species (e.g. Ophrys apifera, Gymenadenia conopsea, etc) and other species (e.g. Linum carniolicum, Pulsatilla nigricans, etc). Many grasshoppers and also the Mantis religiosa can be found over here. Butterfly species associated with these dry grasslands are occuring here abundantly (e.g. Papilio machaon, Melanargia galathea, several "Coenonympha" species etc)
Homepage: More information can be found on the homepage. Very nice homepage and very detailed.

Skocjan caves regional park

Skoncjan caves (Slov: Skoncjanska jama) are a UNESCO monument. It is special, because it shows the features of Karst.This regional park includes a part of the Reka river and the Skocjan caves.
Access: The caves can be found in the southwest of Slovenia. From the the place Divača, nearby Sezana, the caves can be easily found.
Nice places:In this regional park, the caves are the main attraction. Every day there is a guided tour through the caves. Around the caves there are nice walking paths.
Flora and fauna: In the caves typical cave species can be found, like baths and beetles. This is also one of the few places in Slovenia where the fern species Adiantum capillus-veneris can be found. Although there are not a lot of species it is worth to see the incredible shapes and colors of the rocks in the caves.
Homepage: not yet found

Notranjska regional park

Notranjska regional park lies in the south of Slovenia. It lays in the dinaric karst area and exists mainly out of typical dinaric forest. In this park also the karst phenomona "Polje" can be found in Cerknica lake.
Access: The Notranjska regional park covers the area of Cerkniča lake and Šneznik mountain. This area is best accesible via the highway and than take the exit "Unec" when you want to go to Cerknica lake or Velike Bloke and when you want to go to Šneznik via Ilirska Bistrica. When you want to walk in the forest it is also possible to take one of the side roads to the east from the road from Postajna to Ilirska Bistrica.
Nice places: Cerknica lake, Šneznik and Rakov Skocjan.
Flora and fauna: The area lays in the dinaric karst region. The forests exists out of fir and beech. On Cerknica lake, White-tailed Sea-eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla, Black stork (Ciconia nigra) corncrake (Crex crex) and spotted crake (Porzana porzana) can be found. In the regional park there are the dragonfly species Aeshna affinis, Calopteryx virgo, Gomphus vulgatissimus and much more. Many butterfly species can be found on the dry calcereous grasslands on the slopes of the hills. In the forests there are Ural owl (Strix uralensis) and bears (Ursus arctus).
Homepage: More can be found on internet. It is in slovene, but contains a lot of nice pictures (see "rastline", "živali" and "fotogalerija".)