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Nature conservation projects in Slovenia

Peatbogs in Triglav National Park (Slovenian only)

Restoring and conserving habitats and birds in Škocjanski Zatok N.R.

Management plan and urgent actions for Veternik and Oslica high dry meadows

Conservation of large Carnivores in Slovenia - Phase I (Ursus Arctos)

Conservation of endangered habitats / species in the future Karst Park

Establishing long-term protection of Crex crex in Slovenia

Conservation of endangered species and habitats in the Secovlje salt-pans Park

NATURA 2000 in Slovenia - management models and information system

Conservation of otter population (Lutra lutra) in Goricko - phase 1

Intermittent Cerknica Lake

Conservation of the biodiversity of the Mura river in Slovenia


Amphibians in Austrian-Slovenian region

Bats in Austrian-Slovenian region

1001 Karst ponds Slovenia-Italy

INTERCAFE : Conserving Biodiversity – Interdisciplinary Initiative to Reduce pan-European Cormorant-Fisheries Conflicts