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National parks

In such a park, the major proportion of the surface contains nature in its original state.

Triglav National Park

Slovenia has only one national park, called Triglav national park (Slov.: Triglavski Narodni park).
Place:The Triglav National Park lays in the north eastern part of Slovenia, called Gorenska and Primorska. The best route to go in is via Bled. Here you will ride straight to Bohinj.
Nice places: Bohinj lake, Triglav mts., Crna prst, Pokljuka bog
Flora and fauna:This area lays in the eastern part of the Alps. The Julien alps, as they are called, contain many endemic species like Nigritella relhicana. One can find in the mountains Edelweis (Leontopodium alpinum), orchids (Nigritella nigra, N. miniata), gentians (Gentiana lutea, G. clusii, G. pumila, etc.) and much more. For insects the Triglav are know for their butterflies, like Apollo (Parnassius apollo) and many Fritilaria species. Further are there Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus), Black grouse (Tetrao tetrix), rock partridge (Alectoris graeca), grey headed wood pecker (Picus canus), Bonelli´s warbler (Phylloscopus bonelli) and much more alpine bird species.
Pokljuka bog is the only high bog in the area and contains species like Drosera sp., Sphagnum sp. and other bog species. The fauna is characteristic for bogs.
Camp site:Around Bohinj lake there are several hotels and campsites. This is a good starting point
Homepage: More information can be found on internet
Infocenter: Infocenter "Triglavska roza Bled", Bled, Ljubljanska Cesta 27 & Infocenter "Dom Trenta", Soca, Na Logu, Trenta