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This park is in the most north eastern part of Slovenia in the region called Prekmurje
Access: The park is accessible via Murska Sobota. From Murska Sobota you drive in the direction of Hodos. This road goes trough the park. The landscape is hilly and can be best explored with the bike.
Nice places: Ledovsko jezero, Hodovsko jezero, the extensive meadows throughout the park.
Flora and fauna: On the lakes you can find many waterbirds. However Goricko has many extenisive meadows with a rich butterfly fauna. Common species are Lycaena dispar, Maculinea nousithous and Maculinea teleius.

Homepage: http://www.park-goricko.org


Landscape park Kolpa is a river running concentrating around the river Kolpa. In the western part the river is surrounded by mountains which continues into lowland where it is surrounded by meadows.
Access: Kolpa is the river going over the border of Slovenia and Croatia in the southeast of Slovenia. The park is best accessible via Novo Mesto, Metlika and Crnomelj.
Nice places: The whole park is interesting to visit
Flora and fauna: Scops owl, Grey-headed woodpecker, Wryneck, Kingfisher, Red-back Shrike, Otter, Green lizard, and many different plant species.
Homepage: http://www.kp-kolpa.si/ (only Slovene)
Infocenter: Sokcev dvor, Zunici 2 Adlesici

Secovlje soline

The park Secovlje soline, or Secovlje saltpans, consists out of saltpans which are not in use anymore. Access: The park lies at the border of Croatia in the southwestern part of Slovenia. There are two places were you can enter the park. The first entrance is just south of Portoroz here is a museum and one can make a nice walk. For the second entrance you have to pass the border and go before the stream to the right on the dust road.
nice places: At the second entrance one can find most birds.
Flora and fauna: During the spring and autumn migration there are many migratory birds like waders. Kentish plover and Black winged stilt are breeding here. This is one of the few places along the coast were one can find salt water tolerant plants.
Homepage: http://www.kpss.si
Infocenter: Seca 115, Portoroz. This can be found in the middle of the park

Logarska dolina

A beautiful valley north of the Kamnik alps.
Access: There are two roads going to Logarska dolina. The first road goes via Kamnik, Gornji grad, Ljubno, Luce and Solcava. The second road goes via Austria via Vellach. However at certain parts this is a dust road.
Nice places: There is a beautiful walking trail on the western side of the valley.
Flora and fauna:
Homepage: http://www.logarska-dolina.si
Infocenter: TIC Logarska dolina. The info center can be found in the middle of the park nearby the hotel.

Ljubljansko barje

Landscape park Ljubljansko barje consists mainly out of cultural landscape with intensive and extensive managed meadows, lowland forests and remnants of peat bog.
Access: South of Ljubljana
Nice places: Iski Mvorost (north of Brest), meadows east of Bevke, Mali plac (north of Bevke), Mestni log (forest south west of Ljubljana), meadows around Jezero nearby Podpec.
Flora and fauna: River warbler, Corncrake, Northern curlew, Oriole. Many butterflies can be found like False ringlet Coenonympha oedippus, Large copper Lycaena dispar, Silver-washed fritillary Argynnes paphia, Alcon blue Maculinea alcon, Swallowtail Papilio machaon, etc. In early spring many meadows are covered with FritilaryFritilaria meleagris
Homepage: http://www.ljubljanskobarje.si (the English version is not available yet)


This park lies on the coast of Slovenia between Izola and Portoroz. It consists of old saltpans and clifs north of the peninsula. The Moon bay north of the Strunjan peninsula is a marine reserve.
Access: Follow the road south of Isola towards Portoroz and go right to Strunjan. On your left hand side you see already the old saltpans. Drive further almost to the end of the road. Here you can park the car. Climb up via the church. Here you can also down the clifs.
Nice places: Moon bay, old saltpans
Flora and fauna: Yellow legged gull, Black throated diver (in winter), migrating waders. Many cicada's. In the moon bay one can find seegrass field with many shelves, fishes and other sealife.
Homepage: http://parkstrunjan.si (the English version is not available yet)


Landscape park Lahinje lies in Bela Krajina and is known for its cultural landscape.
Access: Drive via Novo Mesto to Crnomelj.
Nice places: The river Lahinja, the stream Nerajcica, wet meadows in Nerajski lugi and Lahinjski lugi
Flora and fauna: Kingfisher, Otter, turtoise Emys orbicularis
Homepage: -
Infocenter: There is an infocenter in Veliki Nerajec